Friday, December 08, 2006


the road to thirty has been paved over the course of the year, so it's arrival was greeted like a penpal that is finally met for the first time. in india, they perceive thirty to be the age when a child finally becomes an adult. this sentiment has stuck in my head since my last trip there, now five years ago. i hired a lawyer earlier in the year and this seemed to be the first turning point where i had to be sober enough to contend with the judicial system. my body was banged up and bruised internally- i hurt and understood a modicum of the aches that will color moments in the upcoming years. i continue learning to stay put when God dictates it. i see Him all over the place- especially covering over the fears that are hidden within me (so hidden that sometimes i am totally unaware of them until they surface, propelling me into an almost out of body experience to consider them, chew on them, seek out their source to abolish it once and for all). His is a balm that somehow makes everything okay when it doesn't seem like there is anyway it will ever be okay again. thirty will be a year of mirth too (but these other things crept out of me tenaciously, waiting their turn to be spoken).

this is/has been a week of many mini celebrations (i am much more of a one-on-one or small group kind of gal and wanted to do this year's birthday celebration up in small bites, instead of my typical large bite approach).

sunday: imogen heap concert with my friend tyler.
wednesday: carmen (the opera) at sfo and then late night dinner with my game soulmate alan.
thursday: amos lee concert with new friend carrie.
friday (my bday!): dinner at aziza with close friends.
saturday: mexican train dominoes with roommates and gelato bar.
sunday: karaoke with friends.

it should all be great fun. afterall, we're celebrating life, all of ours, not just mine.


Blogger The Opera Singer said...

Was I invited to aziza? Hmmm... dinner with CLOSE friends... I see.

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