Wednesday, November 22, 2006

just plain weird

i ate chinese food last night at one of those acceptable dives selling good greasy food. i settled in with my book and orange chicken, chopsticks poised perilously over the plate when i noticed a handsome guy walk over to the high top table next to mine. in his arms, he cradled three stuffed animals- a lion, a mouse and a bear. my initial thought was, "how sweet, he's carrying his child's toys." upon scanning the people milling about, no children were in sight. okay. his friend went to the bathroom after setting down the plate of food on the table. during the friend's absence, he sat the stuffed animals on the table, facing the drive-thru window immediately behind him. he folded napkins and placed them on each of the animals' laps. at this point i am suspicious, wondering where's the camera? when the friend returned, mr. handsome crazy headed to the bathroom, giving me a chance to ask the friend/accomplice,

"what's the deal with the animals."

"they're hungry."

as they, the humans began to eat, i attempted to dive back into my book, but on occasion would sneakily peek a look in the direction of high-top numero bizarro. mr. handsome crazy would lift a fork of food and offer it to one of the stuffed animals, holding it in front of its mouth for a few seconds before turning it towards his own open and ready mouth. every bite was offered to another animal. no one could say he's not fair. as i watched this, i stifled a laugh which came out more as a single cough. living here never allows for a dull moment.


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