Sunday, November 12, 2006

new york: a proliferation of activity

first day of the show and our ikea booth was a hit. someone complimented it saying it was inviting and showed off the teas well. lunch was a scoop of gelato from max and mina's- great guys with a yummy product, but alas for my thoughts of going sugar-free for november... everybody behaved and we found a cool cup jacket made out of cork.

at the end of the day, we set out for the hudson hotel to enjoy drinks with one of our distributors in new york, a family of italians. they always show us a great time and i was enthused by their passion and ambition of making a deeper mark in new york with our products. i had a drink called the "urban orchid" with white chocolate godiva, vanilla vodka, pureed raspberries, a dash of chambord and an orchid as a garnish. this hotel is an ian schrager property that's uber-hip. i found out that t.j. was bummed out by seeing yoda with a light saber, thinking yoda should be the pacifist among the characters and that he named his child "leto" after a character in "dune." michael vacationed with his wife in the caribbean on a cruise ship 3 weeks before the same cruise ship almost tipped over. dominic snapped 200 photos at the car show in vegas that he attended 2 weeks ago and is quite the vip. joey, the youngest of the brothers is going to propose to his girlfriend this december in a cool venetian link.

over cocktails, i sat and chatted with our new greek distributor ari. i forget sometimes that there are gentlemen of his age still around. when his girlfriend rose to go to the bathroom, he stood up as well. he enjoyed hearing about my adventures in greece, eyes lighting up in his warm athenian face.

we supped at a great italian restaurant and sat over a second round of espresso, late into the evening talking until my body insisted i take it home.


Blogger Jason Elder said...

I stand up when Barb leaves the table to go to the restroom. Well, mostly now because the baby is weighing her down and she needs the extra umph.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Virginia Miller said...

Your time in NYC sounded fabulous... always an amazing experience there. Yeah, for Bouchon! And the "Urban Orchid" cocktail sounded amazing! Any chance you can try to recreate at home?

11:26 AM  

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