Monday, November 13, 2006

new york: a good conversation, a good meal

after the show today, i met up with a high school friend at django. earlier this year, i discovered this restaurant on accident during one of my long new york jaunts. my friend cheryl and i served on the leadership team of the french club in high school. i try to meet up with she and her boyfriend alberto once every time i am out here. she, like i, enjoy delicious eats. so i looked forward to her dissemination of the restaurant. we both ended up getting the tagine and glasses of chilean red vino.

she will turn 30 eleven days before me and related how she thought she was fine with it until it started galloping toward her at a frenetic pace. we swapped stories about our own personal manias that are accruing as 30 nears. it's funny that in a way they both have to do with children. namely, we both want them, just not yet. she at least is in a relationship that has the longevity of the past three years and legs into the future. i however do not have any candidates on the horizon and do not perceive myself as one of those shotgun family kind of people.

we left the restaurant, headed to grand central station for a scoop of gelato and so i could see her off at the station. i entered a contest at the gelateria of composing a sundae with the prize being a trip to italy. cheryl helped me name it after the hello kitty character we used to use as code when we passed notes in french class...

it's good to have old friends: both in the form of cheryl and in this beloved city.


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