Thursday, April 14, 2005

snafu and just plain silly moment

i'm not typically that daffy of a person but this morning i showed up at the airport with my three bags (two work related of course) a day early.

hmm. i really wanted to get on an airplane at that point. what a deflating experience it could have been- what with me having scored a free ride to sfo only for it to have been a wasted one. there were multiple airplanes taxiing on the runways and i was bound and determined to get on one. (it also helped that my colleague i am meeting to work the coffee show happened to be ticked off at the notion of me ever thinking of getting here tomorrow). so $50 later, i found myself in a cozy window seat.

and now i sit in a hotel room in seattle, trying to not look at the whole day as being wasted, having worked remotely from my office, not getting to kick up my heels and dig them into this great city- all sun today/no rain.

which makes me wonder if it's kind of like life, specifically awakening or entering into something you're supposed to undertake before it's actually supposed to happen. hmm. have you ever experienced something similar? would love to hear your thoughts.


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