Monday, February 05, 2007

life drenched with color like a diebenkorn

so tomorrow i am taking a day off from work.

it will go something like this:
sleep in, have a protein-packed breakfast, immerse myself in poems about war, death, innocence lost and sex, lunch, a good walk around the neighborhood, then back into the throes of jerusalem after world war II with jews questioning identity in a city that throbs with the lifeblood and pain of a woman in labor before her time, next off to a meeting with a new friend, dinner and depending on if i finish my reading for the day, i may sneak in a movie...

it could have gone like this: sleep in, eat breakfast, poetry immersion, go to local hole-in-wall teahouse, call tea guru james norwood pratt and see if he wants to meet up for tea in chinatown, then back to poetry (in the end this is what i would enjoy, but the other is probably what i need).

i surround myself in my boudoir with hues of aqua, purple and a splash of coral. nothing ever seems to be a straight line in my life. even passage to india i have a feeling will be more in the shape of a paisley, a lotus flower perhaps, but not a line. i wear black and white so my lips can be tomato red.

so this is how it goes down: i take what is offered and my life is bound to books and a computer. shackles of solitude and service.

how it could go down: 30 hours a week devoted to computer and then that pesky 24 devoted to the words with time left over to soak them in. it took me one hour to read three poems today by yehuda. he blows my brain open again and again. the words so multi-dimensional that i feel inebriated and unable to catch all the brassy intent even the third time around. time to drink in his words and let mine flow like his on a page. time enough for a splash of coral in the sultry blues of the everyday.


Blogger katy said...

I had to look up "diebenkorn"...i was like, what's a diebenkorn? wtf, mate, it's not in the dictionary. and then googled it and realized it is a 'who' not a 'what'....ahhh!

hope you had a good day off. salsa was fun - was good to see jaime.

12:58 PM  
Blogger Virginia Miller said...

That day off sounds perfect (either version!) Hope it was. And hope we can sit in a cafe and write poetry together soon...

2:47 PM  
Blogger The Opera Singer said...

so... that's what you did on MY last birthday in San Francisco. You would have had a much better time eating pasta with me and our other friends. I would have blown you away, baby, with my slurred speech and overuse of the words "I", "ME", and my personal favorite, "This is MY f-ing day"!

6:29 PM  

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