Saturday, January 27, 2007

a stroll about town

ah manhattan, how do i love thee... my plane landed later than expected last night, but the drill never changes, at 2 a.m. i finally called it a night and the tossing and turning ensued. this morning, aside from setting up the booth and getting some work done, my main goal (in the back of my head that is) resides on 5th and e. 82nd. with only two hours to walk the met museum, i knew i must have my wits about me, no dawdling or distractions here.

the egyptian section appeared to have grown: among the sarcophogi, chunks of painted wall reliefs and stone statues, i walked into the dimly lit threshold of a recreation of a tomb for an "administrative helper" to one of the pharoah's and peered at canopic jars. i stood, reading about the last pharoahs and dynasty and was pleased to find the name of a pharoah shikrik (sp?) cited as such and referenced in the bible. i am always glad to find these little references to the reality of things laid out in the grand book.

on to the european paintings, i walked and then found myself waylaid, feet feverishly heading toward the "americans in paris" exhibit. there was a quote on the wall by an american painter commenting that upon leaving the louvre, she had to run home, so many were the ideas in her head to paint. and i understand this completely, the more read of my poetic books- forms and the like, the more ideas i have and forms with which i want to play. john singer sargent's work illuminated from the walls. childe hassam's work (who i'd never heard of before) compelled me. walking the rooms made me want to cozy up to a nice little cafe au lait on a corner, idling the time creatively, actively watching the people go by. so i walked. about 30 or so blocks in the brisk weather, a rosy hue scenting my cheeks. today it felt good to be alive.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

Ah, my dear NY. How I miss it... am hoping to go this year and visit my best friend - and my city. But don't know if I can yet.

The Met is my FAVORITE museum in the world. When I lived in NJ and when I'd go back to visit for 10 years straight, I'd visit over and over again, always finding some new delight or painting not yet meditated on.

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