Sunday, January 28, 2007

Islands in the stream

has been in my head for the past few days, probably from taunting my friend Martha about her boyfriend's dad looking like Kenny Rogers. Day one of marathon show ended swimmingly; we gave ourselves a sales goal to hit during this show, so that will add to the fun and challenge of a 9-6 show for four days (read: on your feet standing and talking and smiling).

I was relieved an hour before the end of the show and sauntered from Times Square to Office Depot for supplies to make tomorrow an even more effective sales day. Then, on foot to sniff out a restaurant called "Better Burgers" known for its veggie and soy burgers and "air-baked" french fries. What delighted me about the meal were the designer ketchups: karma ketchup (with cumin and curry) and cajun ketchup with a kick. Yehuda amichai and I had a date tonight where he did all the talking because he knew I was tired and had nothing to say. Walking back to the hotel, snowflakes began to trickle from the sky extending into the smile broadening across my face.
The talk went well and now am dwelling in grey for a period, until things work themselves out. I continue walking in my orange coat thinking about how God might be that "tree over me, an old man asleep on a bench," worth more than sparrows.


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