Friday, October 13, 2006

la vie en route

i returned from baltimore sunday. just as i'm starting to warm up to my desk again at work, it looks like i will be leaving for vancouver monday. i wish there were lockers you could rent in airports- big ones where i could stash all my business outfits that only see the light of day at tradeshows or work-related events. hmm.

i sent in my enrollment form and enrollment deposit wednesday to new england college and am very excited about the prospect of this new venture. i start in january and am trying to piece together the semblance of a map of what the next two years of my life will look like, which is in essence hard. it's hard for me to sit still though i like it and so when my life seems to have order, i begin to fidget. new temporal thoughts, with a merengue-like consistency include today: moving, leaving FBC and joining a small ekklesia and eventually getting a pug (the health-friendly cousin to the french bulldog).

o magazine had a spread on aging recently and i was not surprised to read that stress ages people faster. what it DID say is that the "perceived" level of stress is what ages a person. and so i am endeavoring to laugh much (even if I am perceived as one of those crazy wacky people always laughing at nothing in particular) to stay sane and keep away the grey hairs and hairline wrinkles that could loom in the air as my skin is sucked of all its moisture. such are the ramblings in my head at this moment.


Blogger Darren Prince said...

um, leaving FBC? talk to me! I'm curious! : )

2:59 PM  
Blogger Virginia Miller said...

O magazine is one of my secret, guilty pleasures. Don't tell!

3:04 PM  

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