Tuesday, October 03, 2006

in baltimore

the weather is not quite as described by a nor'easterner friend. instead of brisk wind and chill, i find it to be 75 degrees. good thing i am one who enjoys layering.

we are here for a week to introduce the natural food world to our two newest tea flavors. it should be riproaring fun. and i am culling through mounds of information of writers in residence, teaching faculty and the like as i begin the arduous task of winnowing down my options and making a decision about grad school, in my down time after work. i think i may spend the evening at borders tonight researching their writings...

i was the kid who could not sleep the day before school, who loved the smell of freshly sharpened pencils, the sheaves of clean, unexposed sheets of paper in a notebook and a new box of markers. i was the kid who loved the potential in a random selection of kids in a classroom of making my new best friend or sidekick. so needless to say, i am stoked about re-entering the academic world, mildly intimidated by the work (aka, life will consist of: work, gym, eating, writing and more writing)- but that also sounds like an enticing amount of fun too. perhaps getting turned on to my new favorite poet or author along the way won't hurt either.

and so off i go to build a 10x10 booth with panache and sparkle.


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