Friday, September 22, 2006

destination: kauai

i'm back in the airport again. it seems like it was only yesterday that katy and i were eating bagels before exchanging dollars into euros and leaving the country. i walk down the gangway where the mounted photos of fish skeletons like x-rays peer down and am struck by the beauty of their frames, particularly that of the piranha. remaining euros are now exchanged for dollars and in five minutes i will board a plane, headed for hawaii to spend some time with my mom.

the call of the sea beckons... it seems to be a motif in my chosen excursions and i never tire of its tranquility and power. that and a re-discovery of a love for a life lived under the sun, my skin drnking in the bits of vitamin D accessible through 50 SPF.

here's to the lilikoi and the land of volcanos and sand. i hope we get to hike a volcano and will keep you posted upon my return.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

You lucky travling girl! To get to go away again so soon!! Have an incredible time in HI. I fully concur with your ocean thoughts. The sea has always been the ultimate symbol of God to me - and my soul's home. It calls to me incessantly and don't think I could ever live too far from it.
Dan and I leave on Saturday for a two week trip to the South that started out as visiting one of his best friends in North Carolina, then turned into a sort of road trip starting out in TN (Nashville, Memphis, the Smokys), then to NC, then Charleston, then Savannah. We SO need to get away right now and can hardly wait for the trip. Talk to you when we return!

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