Sunday, August 27, 2006

Best in Show

Summertime in San Francisco may be the coldest winter Mark Twain has ever experienced, but we San Franciscans eagerly await the summer cinema in the park events. Last night, in dog-friendly Dolores Park, throngs of people watched "Best in Show," a mockumentary on the world of the competitive dog owner. Prior to the movie viewing, we were treated to a "doggie fashion show" with awards handed out to the most lovable pooches. I have posted my favorite costumes below for your consideration and look forward to hearing which mutt you would have voted as "best in show."


Blogger sunny said...

how FUN!! I love that movie...and *sigh* that park experience is what I miss about living in San Francisco.

It made me a fan of Jennifer Coolidge.... with her "we can talk..or not talk..for hours" and "we both like SOUP!" (perking up cheerfully at finally finding something in common with her husband).

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