Wednesday, September 27, 2006

last sunday main

before we embarked on our month long sabbatical from the wednesday night dinners with the homeless, joe and i had talked about an idea of mine to start a book club with homeless friends. see, i have this idea that challenging and stimulating the minds of the homeless can be a conduit toward personal growth and making strides to change parts of their life that keep them with wings pinned down.

it amazes me the depth attributed to words. words take on a power and fuel of their own.

joe, jack and i sat together at dinner tonight chewing the fat and catching up on life during the hiatus. as we were talking, joe piped up saying, "oh, i started the book club."

me: "what book club?"
him: "our book club. yeah, and we have four members already."

i was equal parts stunned and excited. and our book club consists of the following: jack, a jack of all trades who's current fascination is with all things bicycle; joe, a reader of political satire; mike, i learned is a reader of all kinds of "good books" and attributed ayn rand's "atlas shrugged" as his all-time favorite read.

after a bout of deliberation, we settled on starting off the book club reading a little play called "no exit" by sartre. i came up with the name "last sunday main" as a reminder of date and location: the last sunday of the month at the main library, time tba. i'll let you know how it goes. in the meantime, if you would like to participate in our book club venture by suggesting book ideas or helping augment cost of used books, i know they would be appreciated.


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