Monday, October 09, 2006

two conversations

number one
the setting: funky art teahouse frjtz in hayes valley
the person: susan, a woman from a book club i used to attend, who plans extravagant travel and exclusive global events for the ultra luxe clientele

it turns out susan and i share more similiarities than i thought. in book clubs there is only so much a person learns about other attendees. i knew already that she is studying to get her masters in wine, that she has an outrageous and fun sense of style, and that she has a scottish terrier named nick. i learned tonight that we both possess a strong sense of personality and vision. she asked about the mfa and where i am at in the decisionmaking process. she allowed me to vocalize comparisons between the schools i'm considering. and as so often happens with external processors, the threads of truth started unraveling like a spool of yarn.

number two

the setting: the interior of my car
the person: a wise man, also known as daddy

i have to slot in calls to him with deep consideration of his extensive tango classes in the evenings and full days working. on the way home, it was 9:45 his time and the brief window emerged. we talked about mundane things for a bit and then it drifted over to school. he asked good questions- he always does, even when i don't necessarily want them out there floating around. through his questions, i was forced to specify why i am leaning in a certain direction, why i have cut one school from the running. out loud i spoke the words that will seal the next few years of my life, the direction of my writing, the place to which i will be tethered.

i decide wednesday. until then i pray.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

Isn't it amazing and relieving to come to a decision? I am thrilled to see where this journey has taken you.

Oh, frjtz is a great spot. And Susan sounds fabulous. So does your father.

3:06 PM  

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