Thursday, October 26, 2006

activity director's log: day one

"i am calling in on marital debt."
"what do you mean?"
"well, when beatriz married me, i was slender and as i have grown bigger over the years, the debt also has grown..."

my dad, his wife beatriz and my tante elizabeth all flew in last night. we spent their first full day in marin. i have been officially dubbed the activities director, and have set out to highlight the best and off the beaten path excursions.

10:30 a.m.--- we start with a winding drive through the marin headlands, dipping down the road as if your car may sprout wings and fly into the ocean.

12 p.--- at the farmer's market, today's trophies included perfect brussels sprouts and a beefsteak tomato. we ate a hearty lunch at the farmer's market: daddy- a whiskey fennel sausage sandwich; tante elizabeth- a buckwheat crepe with tomatoes and mushrooms; beatriz- a hodge podge salad with pepitas, black beans, corn, quinoa and much more; me- a maple smoked bacon sausage sandwich with mango cilantro chutney.

1:30p.--- we eventually stumbled upon the rambling grounds of ledson winery, with its gothic castle and row after row of vines, turned bright gold, hung with the heaviness of dark grapes. after tasting a few wines, we agreed that we enjoyed the riesling most and soon set off again.

3:30p.--- a short jaunt to the office to introduce and show them where i spend the bulk of my time. both daddy and beatriz were amazed at how much space we occupied, since the last time they visited the office, it was in sausalito, sans windows, tiny in comparison.

the rest of the day--- a drive through the presidio, a quickie visit to baker beach and then drive by ocean beach. we ate dinner at my favorite thai restaurant, sri thai, where i was excited to introduce my friends p-yi and ah to the family. the picture above shows daddy and beatriz, sitting in caruso's for after-dinner drinks and the other photo is of my tante elizabeth and i. he is of course showing off his dramatic side. end of day one.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

Sounds like a perfect day... your dad is so cute! The farmers' market foods sounded like perfection and an excursion to Ledson is always lovely. Especially with the gorgeous weather we had.

9:38 AM  

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