Monday, October 23, 2006

joy please

after work, i went to the gym and hopped on a stationary bicycle, convincing myself i would enjoy it because of the articles i would get to read, articles that perhaps would not be perused any other way than being stuck on a bike going nowhere.

in an article on joy from may 2006, the alternative medicine magazine reporter discussed the art of savoring. when i think of savoring, i think of that one exquisite bite where all the elements and ingredients fuse into one multi-faceted flavor explosion on my palate, where i find myself unconsciously grunting quietly, evoking my yes vocally. the reporter says that savoring actually prolongs good up emotions caused by thoughts or behaviors.

he listed 10 ways to tap into joy and i thought i would share.
"1. Share your good feelings with others.
2. Take a mental photograph.
3. Congratulate yourself.
4. Sharpen your sensory perceptions.
5. Shout it from the rooftops.
6. Compare the outcome to something worse.
7. Get absorbed in the moment.
8. Count your blessings and give thanks.
9. Remind yourself of how quickly time flies.
10. Avoid killjoy thinking.

try one out tomorrow and let me know if your sense of savoring joy is prolonged. cheers.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

Hey- I am trying to exercise for the first time in my life the past two weeks at a gym (free, really nice gym at work so I have no excuse now). I go on my lunch break and can only make it worthwhile be reading: Paste, food magazines (not helpful when working out and just wanting to eat), etc...
The thoughts on joy are good reminders. I am trying a little shouting from rooftops this week.

9:43 AM  

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