Tuesday, February 28, 2006

into the fray with rocky balboa

i was recollecting this morning an image of my cousin patrick "studying" at our house during his days of training to become a priest.

he would read lofty and philosophical texts, like thomas aquinas as if it was as easy as munching on an apple. during his seminary years, he wrote big papers addressing theological and historical issues- he's always been quite the scholarly, academic one in the family. but then again, he is also a proud member of the NRA and loves to email photos of his latest hunting trophies (he was the one to introduce me to rattlesnake meat- tastes like chicken...)

anyways i remember when he would take breaks from writing this massive thesis he was working on during his last year, he watched the rocky movies. so each "break" consisted of a rocky I or II or III or IV viewing and then subsequent push-ups and a run around the block, complete with headband circling his forehead, sweat gleaming on his face like diamonds- the victor able to tackle the next section of thesis that lay ahead.

i have always held a soft spot for rocky balboa...maybe it's the surly way he mutters "eh-driehh", maybe it's that he didn't give in when the going got rough. maybe it's that survivor song "eye of the tiger", reminding me of speed rollerskating back in the day. but i think of patrick too and what it looks like to shoulder on, pressing ahead into the fray with sweat glistening like beads of glory.


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