Tuesday, April 03, 2007

well. crap.

packet number two is almost done. for the second time, i read a poem aloud to a group of around 25 sunday night.

so here's tonight's question: why do we hurt one another? i mean the intentional and the unintentional digs. would this go back to our human nature post-eden thanks to adam and eve or is this a God question. does God hurt God? good friday would seem to point to yes, but that kind of hurt involves a deeper magic unknown to the whole lot of us or maybe it doesn't. it involves staying true to a promise and commitment and seeing it through to completion. i should really be in bed, but i wanted to throw it out there before the night passes into morning.

in packet two, i read a bunch of poems hinting at war or drenched with it by the likes of robert bly and allen ginsberg commenting on viet nam. today on my way home from work, i wondered at my placidity towards iraq- not emanating from a salivating-hate-mongering space that has so adeptly seduced the area in which i live, but from a bush-lied-about-weapons-of-mass-destruction space. plain and simple. lied. and yet the war of words and the flexing of ultimatum muscle between president and congress today smacks of kindergarten.

so maybe this is getting away from the main point, but why do we hurt one another?


Blogger katy said...

IMO, it has to be because of sin - we are far from perfect. Human beings are capable of receiving and doling out great love and great hurt . . . and it is the balance/imbalance of these which makes life achingly beautiful sometimes and at other times, horrifying beyond comprehension.
But without the one - would we be able to evaluate/appreciate the other?
Without the pain of the cross, would we grasp the impossible miracle of the resurrection?
(Not that we will ever *really* be able to wrap our minds around that, but you know what I mean...)

12:20 PM  
Blogger The Opera Singer said...

We hurt others because we hate/fear ourselves. We see something in another person that resembles a part of ourselves that we either fear or loathe. So, then we lash out at it, or we lash out at ourselves.

6:28 PM  

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