Thursday, March 08, 2007

anaheim- day two

today's organic pavilion in which we planned to participate started at 12:30. i had requested labor from the decorating company to help me carry products to the tent. after an hour of waiting for them to show up and three phone calls, the freight supervisor listened to me and within ten minutes, a smiling man driving a forklift showed up at my booth- christmas came early!

in the organic pavilion, i met the most delightful woman, ceo of an organic frozen food company (and a naturpathologist). her attitude and down-to-earth nature made her such a cool neighbor to work near. the breakout brand at this show is adina- they make "world beat beverages" which just sounds cool and they taste good too. when we finished bringing back all of the items from the organic pavilion, we heard drums outside and throngs of asian instrumentalists struck drums and played other instruments, while two men gave new definition to head banging. they swung their heads in circles and the ribbon attached to their hats made loops around the periphery of their bodies. a cool beginning to the evening.


Blogger katy said...

DRUMS! Yay! Hi there!!! Sally & Bill say "hello"!

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