Wednesday, March 07, 2007

anaheim- day 1

southern california welcomes tourists with thoughts of sun, flip-flops and lots of fast food (anaheim seems to have a steakhouse and every chain imaginable). the guys at the organic valley booth nearby agreed to watch my booth so i could go check on labor. this guy kurt has a tattoo on his forearm of all the main players busts of "the godfather"! how cool is that?

i walked back to the hotel after finishing up. and as i walked i asked God to reveal to me how to pray for this place, which seems embroiled in disneyland but must have a semblance of residents, as evidenced by some young boys walking down the street. i am excited to share with you that i am going to france in may to support some friends there who are going to plant a church, by prayerwalking the city and singing/music. i will share more in the upcoming weeks about where we are going and the trip itself.

tonight after finishing up building our booth, i met up with sandra, a friend from college for dinner. this was the first meet and greet with her new boyfriend, so of course it was mandatory for some minor grilling. he gets brownie points for having good taste in women (sandra is quite the catch), a dry sense of humor and the ability to read hebrew. we ate dinner in long beach at a small eatery called "babette's feast" tomorrow we will be exhibiting at the fresh ideas organic marketplace- organic bevvies and food, good times.


Blogger Virginia Miller said...

Orange County is my old stomping grounds. I grew up there, ten minutes from Disneyland, till we moved to NJ when I was 14, then I moved back to OC from age 18-24 (until I moved to SF). Lots and lots wrong with the place and countless sweet memories and dear friends there, too.

Thanks for praying for the area... I've eaten at "Babette's Feast" in Long Beach (good ole LBC). Cute place. OC restaurants are harder to pick through but there are a few gems so let me know if you're there again. I could make some recommendations. As it is, the bounty of good places are in LA.

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